Reach millions by advertising in digital and physical spaces

From Champions League to the Swedish ice hockey championships, one thing is for certain – where there’s sport, there’s an audience. Whether it’s the fan cheering on their favorite team from the couch, or those who gather in a big stadium. In other words, it’s a way to in both digital and physical spaces reach out to potential new customers.

XVI Sports currently airs approximately 10,000 hours of sport per year, and broadcasts from several leagues in Sweden, the Nordic countries, and the rest of the world.

Some of XVI Sport’s broadcasts:

- UEFA Champions League.
- SHL (ice hockey), with viewers in up to 20 countries.
- SDHL (ice hockey), which in 2020 reached 440 000 viewers during one game alone.
- HockeyAllsvenskan (ice hockey), with hundreds of thousands of viewers
- Superettan (football), which reached 82.5 million viewers in 2020.
- The Swedish Elite Series in handball.
- The Swedish floor hockey cup.
- The Swedish Basketball league.
- Pro Series, world tournament in table tennis.


Want your business and brand seen in digital or physical spaces during XVI Sport’s broadcasts?

Together, we put together a solution that fits your business, and identify the spaces and broadcasts that will lead to the most impact and be successful for you. 

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