Sveriges Arkitekter goes Venedig

Var annat år arrangeras Biennale Architettura i Venedig, Italien. Den här filmen Plots, prints and projections är producerad till Sveriges Arkitekter som är arrangörer av Sveriges deltagande på biennalen. Sveriges arkitekter är fack- och branschorganisationen för alla Sveriges arkitekter och arkitektstudenter. Produktion i samarbete med Silverview. 

“The architect is in many ways and forms the creator, the conductor and the constructor behind the plots prints and projections. From the very beginning to the completion and conformation. From vision to precision. From details to entirety. Out of the mind, into the light. From what the architect projects to what light reflects. From the contrasts to the interweaved. From now to tomorrow. From within the architect, out in the world and into our cities, our human habitats and environments. From plots, prints and projections…”